Adjustable Weight Bench
  • Adjustable Weight BenchAdjustable Weight Bench
  • Adjustable Weight BenchAdjustable Weight Bench
  • Adjustable Weight BenchAdjustable Weight Bench
  • Adjustable Weight BenchAdjustable Weight Bench

Adjustable Weight Bench

LongGlory's fashion Adjustable Weight Bench is designed to accommodate various exercises, including flat bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, and a variety of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. The bench typically features adjustable backrest and seat positions, allowing users to customize their workout angles based on their training goals.

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Product Description

Product Discription

This LongGlory latest selling Adjustable Weight Bench is a piece of gym equipment designed to support a variety of exercises for strength training and bodybuilding. The bench is made of a sturdy frame that is adjustable to multiple positions, such as flat, incline, and decline angles, to allow for various angles of exercises.

Adjustable Weight Bench can be used for exercises such as bench press, chest flies, shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep dips, and more, making them incredibly versatile in any weight training program. The wide range of incline angles provided by an adjustable bench also helps to target specific areas of the body with greater emphasis.


Name Adjustable Weight Bench
Type Commercial Equipment
Size(L*W*H) 1320*640*450mm
Color Customized Color
Weight 57kg
Weight Stacks no
Material Steel
OEM or ODM Availble


An Adjustable Weight Bench can help build muscle strength, increase endurance, and improve overall fitness.  The ability to adjust the bench angle provides a great variety of workouts and helps to target specific muscle groups with greater emphasis.

About Adjustable Weight Bench:

The bench is usually covered in a cushioned material for comfort while performing exercises.  A typical adjustable bench also comes with safety features like safety catches to prevent accidents or injuries, making it safe even for solo home gym workouts.

Our advantage:

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If you like this LongGlory Adjustable Weight Bench, feel free to Incorporate it into your workout routine today and start seeing the results!

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