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What is Pilates


Exercise style and skill

Pilates is a form of exercise and skill named after the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates. It consists of a unique set of training movements that were known as "Contrology" during Pilates' lifetime. The Pilates couple created over 500 movements, both on the mat and on the studio equipment invented by Mr Pilates.

Broadly speaking, Pilates is an exercise that works small muscle groups deep in the body and is designed to maintain and improve the appearance of normal active posture, achieve body balance, and extend the range of motion and capacity of the trunk and limbs. It emphasises control of the core muscle groups and enhances the human brain's neural sensing and innervation of the limbs and skeletal muscle tissues. Pilates is also a whole body co-ordinated exercise with the correct breathing method.

In addition, Pilates is also regarded as a programme that soothes the muscles of the whole body and improves the control of the human trunk. It is particularly suitable for those who work long hours at desks and computers, as it helps to correct body posture, relax the lower back and neck, solve shoulder problems, and tighten flabby muscles in the arms and abdomen. Many professional athletes also use Pilates to avoid sports injuries.

Pilates also incorporates elements of yoga, dance and gymnastics, between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, aiming to improve the body's muscle function by mobilising deep muscle groups in all parts of the body to achieve the effect of shaping and reducing stress and improving posture.

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