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Pin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine
  • Pin Loaded Seated Rowing MachinePin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine
  • Pin Loaded Seated Rowing MachinePin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine
  • Pin Loaded Seated Rowing MachinePin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine

Pin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine

Unleash the power of precision in your strength training routine with LongGlory's durable Pin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine. Engineered for targeted muscle engagement, our machine provides a smooth and effective seated rowing experience. Elevate your fitness journey with the reliability and innovation of LongGlory – where form meets function, and every repetition takes you one step closer to your strength and conditioning goals.

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Product Description

Product Discription

This LongGlory weight stack durable Pin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine is a type of gym equipment that provides a full-body workout using a weighted resistance system.  It is designed to simulate the motion of rowing a boat on water and usually consists of a seat, a handlebar, and a vertical frame with a weight stack.


Name Pin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine
Type Commercial Equipment
Size(L*W*H) 1240 x 1400 x 1480mm
Color Customized Color
Weight 289kg
Weight Stacks 80kg
Material Steel
OEM or ODM Availble


1, Adjust the height of the seat to make the chest pad more comfortable;

2, Adjust the length of the chest pad to ensure the user can grasp the handles when he leans forward;

3, Choose the suitable weight stack and insert the pin with the right hand;

4, the chest clings to the pad to make the sitting posture more stretched.

5, Hold the handles and pull them back continuously;

6, Although this machine is designed for two arms, single arm movement is available as well.

About Pin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine:

To use a weight stack row machine, you sit on the padded seat, grasp the handlebar, and pull it towards your chest while keeping your back straight and your elbows close to your body.  The weight stack provides the resistance as you pull the handlebar, and you can adjust the weight as needed.

Weight stack row machines provide a low-impact, full-body workout that targets multiple muscle groups, including the legs, hips, back, and arms.  Regular use of a weight stack row machine can help improve cardiovascular fitness, build total body strength, and burn calories.

Our advantage:

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If you like this LongGlory Pin Loaded Seated Rowing Machine,feel free to Incorporate it into your workout routine today and start seeing the results!

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