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LongGlory Pilates Equipment 5-Piece Set


Pilates exercise is now loved by more and more fitness enthusiasts, understanding the equipment, in addition to helping to understand the movement, better fitness, now for you to briefly introduce the LongGlory Bodhi Pilates equipment 5-piece set!

1.Ladder barrel

Ladder barrel, it is relatively an all equipment, movement difficulty is low, mostly to flexibility and stretching movements. Consisting of a curved barrel and a small wooden ladder, the curved design of the barrel is very easy to do spinal extension, rolls and backbends, and has an excellent effect on strengthening the back extensor muscle groups. Ideal for novices, whether standing, hanging, riding straddle, side lying and so on all kinds of positions can be unlocked!

2.Spine Corrector

The Spine Corrector, also known as ARC, is lightweight, compact and cost-effective!

It consists of two curved surfaces, the small one can stabilise the pelvis and do pelvic support exercises, while the large one can meet the user's needs of spinal flexion, extension, scoliosis and rotation. A multi-purpose device can not only shape the buttocks and legs, waistline, exercise balance, but also effectively alleviate spinal abnormalities caused by loss of mian, vertigo and other problems. It can also be placed on yoga mats, core beds, swing beds and other equipment used in combination to unlock more training positions

3. Pilates Reformer

Reformer is the most versatile and malleable equipment in the world.

It consists of a structure of skateboards, springs, zip lines, and straps that allow you to work all parts of your body to a greater extent. The core bed is usually equipped with 5 different weights of springs, whose resistance can be adjusted to increase or decrease the difficulty of the movement. This differentiated approach to training for different people is unmatched by mat Pilates, which is why celebrities love core beds!

4. Pilates Cadillac

Cadillac beds, also known as Trepeze Table swing beds

From a professional rehabilitation point of view, it is more powerful, it can support almost all different physical conditions of trainers, fitness and rehabilitation training!

5. Wunda Chair

As a resistance training tool, the Wunda Chair is ideal for strengthening the trunk and limbs. It consists of three main parts: pedals, handles and springs. The pedals can be adjusted by means of a force transmission lever. The handle can also be adjusted in height or removed for use. The resistance of the spring can also be adjusted according to the movement, the stronger the resistance, the closer the pedal is to the top of the chair. The multi-adjustable nature of the chair allows for a wide variety of exercises including, but not limited to, standing, sitting, kneeling, and supine, prone, and side-lying.

LongGlory has many years of experience in the Pilates equipment industry and can customise Pilates equipment to your satisfaction, if you are interested, please come to our factory for a visit and customisation.

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