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Why is Pilates Core Bed so popular?


Many people are not unfamiliar with Pilates. It is a form of concentrated strength exercise primarily used for physical rehabilitation, with the main goal of strengthening the core, improving posture, stabilizing and elongating the spine, developing balance and overall strength. When it comes to Pilates, we have to mention its core training aid - Pilates Core Bed.

Pilates core bed is a composite training aid tool for practicing Pilates, which uses a pulley system with different spring resistance as the essence. It is used to assist the body in improving adjustment, increasing strength, and improving body imbalance.

The movements practiced by beginners are very gentle and do not feel uncomfortable; You can perform full body muscle strength training on the core bed. The Pilates core bed adjusts the spring weight in real-time based on the trainer's physical condition, allowing the trainer to not only feel the recruitment of muscle training, but also maintain the purpose of continuous stimulation training for the muscles.

Why is Pilates Core Bed so popular?

1. Efficient grease burning

The core bed can be used to challenge the body, "open" in unstable environments, and control muscles and body position. And it emphasizes accuracy and reliability, which can easily mobilize 70% of our deep muscle groups.

Due to its ability to establish stability in the core and throughout the body, the core bed is often used as a rehabilitation tool to help improve posture, shape beautiful body lines, enhance metabolism, and burn more fat.

2. Significant effect

Research has shown that 1 hour of core bed training equals 1 hour of equipment training+1 hour of aerobic exercise, and in the classic Pilates core bed exercise, you do not need to maintain posture or repeat these movements at the same stage.

The Pilates core bed emphasizes always perfect execution, with shorter movements and fewer repetitions, mainly focusing on control and accuracy, but once the actions are completed, you enter a completely different stage.

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