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Increase muscle mass, reduce fat, strengthen grip, training method


Today, I will introduce a simple and fun training method to everyone - Farmer's Walk.

Farmer's Walk is a straightforward exercise that comes with many variations. Simply pick up a weighted object such as a dumbbell, kettlebell, or even a bottle filled with sand or water to start the exercise. As long as the weight is within your carrying capacity and you maintain core stability while walking, Farmer's Walk is considered low risk for injuries.

How to do a Farmer's Walk?

Hold a kettlebell in each hand while standing.

Look straight ahead, keep your body upright, focus on your core, extend your arms slightly to the sides to ensure the kettlebells don't touch your legs.

Maintain tight core muscles and walk forward slowly.

That's the essence of Farmer's Walk.

3 Variations of Farmer's Walk

High Knee March in Place

Similar to Farmer's Walk, but you lift your knees high in place, one leg at a time, to strengthen leg muscles and require strong core balance.

Racked Position High Knee March

(1) Squat down, hold the kettlebell with both hands, inhale to prepare, exhale as you swing the kettlebell up to shoulder level and place it on your shoulders.

(2) Keep your core stable and tense, spine elongated, and start lifting your knees.

Single Arm High Knee March

(1) Hold the kettlebell by its handle with one hand, maintain core stability and tension, spine elongated, and start lifting your knees.

What are the training effects of Farmer's Walk?

Increase muscle mass and reduce fat

Due to its high load and intensity, Farmer's Walk is a high-intensity exercise that can boost metabolism and cardiovascular function. It helps build muscle mass, burn fat and energy. Besides, engaging in multiple sets of high-intensity training can lead to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption to continue burning fat even when not exercising.

Enhance grip strength

Weak grip strength indicates insufficient muscle mass and a risk of sarcopenia. Grip strength is utilized in various training and daily activities. In addition to using conventional grip strengtheners, Farmer's Walk with weight held in both hands is an excellent way to train grip strength.

Improve stability

Farmer's Walk requires significant core muscles to stabilize the body, enhancing overall core strength and protecting the spine during exercises like squats and push-ups, minimizing the risk of lower back injuries.

Exercise most muscle groups

Farmer's Walk engages nearly every muscle group: forearm and wrist strength for grasping heavy objects, core for supporting and stabilizing the body, and legs for bearing the load as you walk. With sufficient intensity, the exercise combines aerobic and anaerobic activities, leading to fat burning and muscle strengthening.

Start practicing now!



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