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Gym fitness weight bench classification


Fitness benches are generally classified into dumbbell benches, sit-up benches, Roman chairs, preacher benches, etc.

The sit-up bench, also called the abdominal muscle bench, is a very basic and common configuration used to exercise the core strength of the waist and abdomen. But please note that the sit-up bench is not a dumbbell bench, so don’t make that mistake.

The first type of sit-up bench in the picture below is also a bench press bench,sometimes with foldable or unfolded legs.

The second type is a pure sit-up board.

The dumbbell bench is very similar to the sit-up bench, but the dumbbell bench can adjust the seat and backrest positions, and can realize almost all the functions of the sit-up bench, including the functions of the bench press bench and the dumbbell bench, which can exercise more Muscle groups.

In addition, the preacher bench is mainly used to exercise the biceps and do curling movements with dumbbells or barbells.

The Roman chair is mainly used to exercise waist and abdominal strength. For example, the Roman chair side bend can be used to exercise the side abdomen, while the goat push-up can be used to exercise the lower back, buttocks, and hamstring muscles.

Shopping advice

1. Category suggestions

If it is for home use, you must consider fitness space, so when purchasing gym fitness weight bench, it is recommended to consider dumbbell benches or other multi-functional fitness benches. Do not choose fitness benches with relatively single functions such as sit-up boards, Roman benches, and pastor benches.

2. Fitness bench product suggestions

For home use, don’t worry too much about the brand, as long as it is high-quality and low-priced. Refer to the fitness stool’s maximum load-bearing, product stability, product quality, design structure and other dimensions. It is recommended to choose a fitness bench with a higher weight, which will provide better stability. The maximum load-bearing capacity is recommended to be above 120kg, which is suitable for more exercise methods.

If it is a dumbbell bench, pay attention to the adjustable angle of the backrest and seat. If it is a multi-functional stool, you can also check the richness of the specific functions.

3. Humanized design

For home use, it is best to make it easy to store and store, so you should consider whether the fitness bench is foldable and whether it is equipped with transport pulleys, etc.

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