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What types of spinning bikes are there?


Although a spinning bike looks like a bicycle, it is two completely different things from a bicycle. It is static. Riding a spinning bike can have a very good exercise effect and body shaping effect, so many people use spinning bikes for exercise. There are many different types of spinning bikes on the market, and their main categories are:

1. Classification according to resistance adjustment method

(1) Brake pads: The spin bike with this resistance adjustment method is cheap, but not very durable and requires frequent replacement of brake pads.

(2) Manual magnetic control: The spin bike with this manual magnetic control is a mid-range resistance adjustment method that uses magnetic force to create resistance. Because there is no friction, the noise is relatively small. This type of resistance adjustment method is more cost-effective for dynamic bicycles.

(3) Electric magnetic control: The spin bike with this electric magnetic control is a high-end resistance adjustment method. Such spinning bicycles are relatively expensive and require power, but the user experience is very good.

2. Classification according to transmission mode

(1) Chain drive: This type of spinning bicycle has strong load-bearing capacity and long service life, but it is noisy and often requires oiling and maintenance, so it is prone to stains and is generally used in gyms.

(2) Belt drive: This kind of spin exercise bicycle has relatively low noise, but the rubber belt is not as durable as the chain and will loosen or break over time. Because of its silent characteristics, it is more suitable for home use.

3. Classification by degree of intelligence

(1) Ordinary spinning bike: It is a common spinning bike with a large fine steel flywheel. The overall structure of the bike looks simple.

(2) Intelligent spinning bikes: They are highly intelligent and equipped with smart APPs with many functions, such as online audio and video, real-time sports data, customized personal training, 3D real-life riding, etc., allowing you to have fun while riding.

4. According to the field of use

(1) Home use spinning bicycles: mainly used at home, with low frequency of use and relatively low price.

(2) Commercial spinning bikes: Gyms and fitness clubs use commercial spinning bikes, which are used more frequently and are more expensive.

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